Cute Me by Pinnacle Children's Place

Cute Me by Pinnacle Children's Place is a modern Kids online clothing store with every kid at its heart. We believe that individual style starts early and helping our youngsters feel good about how they look is healthy for their self confidence.

At Cute Me, we celebrate diversity. Our deep roots in the fashion landscape is inspired by need to empower every child, regardless of gender, ethnicity or race. Our brand is positioned uniquely as a retail store, aggregating all known child friendly brands and in some cases supporting fashion creatives by stocking their couture and bespoke tailored pieces.

As a brand, we believe love makes a family. We honor all abilities. Inspired by the people we encounter in the course of doing our business, our collections feature modern twists on classic and contemporary fashion. With everything we do, we hope to make your life a little more special.

We promise to keep learning and growing every day. Because when we open our minds, we open our hearts, too and give our light the ability to shine brighter. Now that's cute!